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Caged Animals – The Overnight Coroner

Caged Animals have released a new EP called ’The Overnight Coroner‘. It is a four-song EP accompanied by a 35 minute audio long-form short story. A unique combination of narrative writing and songwriting into a single package which, we believe, has never been done before.

“I walked in the door and found him sprawled out on the carpet; the cops were the first on the scene and his son (who I’d met the week before) looked up at me wordlessly. I was holding two D-sized tanks of Oxygen and a delivery slip that was never going to get signed. This was one of my departing memories from the year I spent working as a courier of Medical Oxygen in Staten Island, NYC.”

As far as dramatic openings go, it’s difficult to top this. Vincent Cacchione spent a year as a medical courier, spending his days working in extremely challenging situations and his nights pouring his feelings into music. The body of work that resulted from these experiences veered in two clear directions:  The character-driven song structures which he has collected as The Overnight Coroner and the more spiritually tuned pop of second-album In The Land Of Giants, which was released Sept 13. This is country-influenced music for digital ears.   You can stream the entire release below, read the story here and buy physically or digitally.

Caged Animals – The Overnight Coroner Attends A Party

Clash today premiered the new Caged Animals video for ’The Overnight Coroner Attends A Party‘ the lead track, and a wonderfully unusual narrative based song, from the forthcoming concept EP. The EP also incorporates a 40K word novella written about a young man who works the graveyard shift in a city morgue. What? Caged Animals will be playing London on Tuesday February 4th at the Sebright Arms. This will be a magical night, you should come.

Caged Animals – European Tour 2014


Caged Animals – The Sound of Thunder

We’re thrilled to present to you the video for Caged Animals’ forthcoming single ‘The Sound of Thunder’, self-directed by Vincent Cacchione with Mike McLean. The single will be released on December 16, ahead of a European Tour in early 2014.

The video features Cacchione’s little sister, and Caged Animals’ bass player, Tayla as a 90′s style Goth-Girl living in Millennial Suburbia who gets caught up in a series of mysterious and supernatural events.

‘The Sound Of Thunder’ is an uplifting pop song that advises against giving in to the un-escapable, the idea that we should savor our lives and not be afraid. Inspired by Vin’s friend from Soft Black, (Zachary) Cole Smith, and now lead singer/guitarist for DIIV, and the emotion Cole can create with just a single guitar line. It was his musical-mojo that inspired the searing guitar melody that follows each chorus.

Caged Animals – In The Land Of Giants Album Release

Caged Animals’ album In The Land Of Giants is released today! Please go here to read a fantastic Track-by-Track commentary from Vincent Cacchione.

“….has the bounce of OMD, the pop-funk of Prince, the silliness of Cyndi Lauper. Caged Animals are a band who want to be your friends” The Sunday Times.

In The Land Of Giants is available to order from the following retailers:

iTunesRough Trade | Amazon | Record Store

Caged Animals – ‘In The Land Of Giants’ Stream

Caged Animals are excited to announce that their forthcoming album In The Land Of Giants is now streaming in full via Filter Magazine.

In The Land Of Giants is released September 2nd (UK) and September 3rd (USA) and is available to order from the following retailers:

iTunes | Rough Trade | Amazon | Record Store

Caged Animals – Too Much Dark Video

We are delighted to present to you the video for Caged Animals ‘Too Much Dark’, directed by Tobias Stretch.

Stretch leads us through a series of mirrored events via an unlikely friendship struck between a disfigured old-man and a little boy. It’s an abstract journey, which strikes a powerfully emotional chord with the song’s existential themes.

While both characters appear to lead lives without companionship, they find solace in each other, as they explore their shared Philadelphia neighbourhood. Plagued by the same anguish, it’s easy for this pair to empathize and enjoy each other’s company: chased from scene to scene by a glowing green jellyfish, their affinity for one another grows, as they learn to understand what the jellyfish has come for.

‘Too Much Dark’ is the opening track from the forthcoming album ‘In The Land Of Giants’, to be released September 2nd.

Darwin Deez + Caged Animals – US Tour Announce

6000 Darwin Deez A2 US Tour poster.indd

Caged Animals – In The Land Of Giants

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be releasing In The Land Of Giants the new album from Caged Animals on September 2. Please listen to, and share, the album opener ‘Too Much Dark’ below.

In The Land Of Giants is a record about family, faith and hope.  An intimate yet grand Pop record from an artist that is not afraid of stirring emotions amidst a mountain of melody, and certainly not afraid to risk being seen as uncool in order to deliver something genuine.  We feel, and hope, it will be considered one of the albums of 2013 and we’re incredibly proud that this album is being released on Lucky Number.


Caged Animals – Cindy + Me (Billy Mix)

Already an exciting blend of pop and groove in its’ original form, East London-based Billy here offers a remix of Caged Animals ‘Cindy + Me’, and an extended 9 minute dub. Across both, freestyle djembe, raw bass, heavily delayed vocals (whispered & chanted) and shards of sitar trade blows in an exotically tribal party style that feels rhythmically and melodically irresistible. Listen to both below and grab the dub for free. ‘Cindy + Me’ is released on June 17th.