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Seventeen Evergreen – Burn The Fruit (Pegasus)

Burn The Fruit (Pegasus), directed by Brian Ziffer, further consolidates Seventeen Evergreen’s consistency in producing highly creative visual art around their music.

“The video is a continued exploration in real-time audiovisual cinema. A kind of ‘visual music’ where the process involves manipulating video in real time. With help from the Syphon Recorder, VDMX and other customized tools, the performance and capture of these live video mixes became analogous to the process of mixing and mastering music.” Seventeen Evergreen’s Caleb Pate.

Seventeen Evergreen – Steady On, Scientist!

Seventeen Evergreen’s sophomore long player, Steady On, Scientist!, is released this week. An incredible album that, like their debut, is entirely self-written, recorded and produced and, once again, emphasizes its creators clear and unique identity, away from the pack.

Names like New Order, Air, Screamadelica-era Primal Scream, Sonic Youth or Flaming Lips may come to mind, but sonically and spiritually, it’s a singularly triumphant and liberating concoction, an anthemic vision.

To further celebrate the release, we’re delighted to present this visual album trailer.  A forcefully kaleidoscopic immersion into the mini-verse of Seventeen Evergreen’s wonderful new album, created by Antoine Boilevin (who also designed the album artwork).

Steady On, Scientist is available now!

uplifting future-pop anthems that sound like a mixture of first-album MGMT and Little Dragon”  The Guardian

Seventeen Evergreen – Angels


We are delighted to present to you the MP3 for “Angels” from Seventeen Evergreen’s Psyentist EP which will be released next Monday (Dec 5) but you can get here now.

The band’s video for lead EP track “Polarity Song” debuted on Gorilla Vs. Bear earlier this month and promptly racked up 75,000 views in the first weekend.

The EP’s second track, the ultra-groovy “Angels”, reverberates with beautiful harp strums juxtaposing against anguished layers of backing harmonies that act like a synaesthestic audio phenomenon relative to Edward Munch’s ‘Scream.’ The four track Psyentist EP is a celebration of the science of imaginary solutions.  It’s the precursor to the band’s forthcoming LP, Steady On, Scientist!, which will be released in Spring 2012.

Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song Video 2

We are still so incredibly thrilled about the video for “Polarity Song” by Seventeen Evergreen that we’re posting it again. Created by Terri Timely and Sarah Applebaum it has been viewed over 75K times in its first 5 days online and has been featured by Vimeo (staff pick), Gorilla versus Bear (premier), Stereogum, Boing Boing, Filter, Booooooom and even The Next Stitch (Yarn Bombing is a reality) amongst many others. If you haven’t already listened to this incredible tune and watched this special video then please see the below post and click play.

“an uplifting future-pop anthem that sounds like a mixture of first-album MGMT and Little Dragon” (The Guardian)

“Embrace the (crochet) polarity! Seventeen Evergreen’s ‘Polarity Song’ is brilliant loopy madness” (The Next Stitch)

“the song’s fantastic. It sounds like New Villager collaborating with pre-Oracular Spectacular MGMT” (YouAintNoPicasso)

“…it’s a kind of knit-one-purl-one horror show, all itchy woollen balaclavas and crocheted vests. It’s so good” (The Guardian)

Untitled 5




Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song Video

We are incredibly excited to present to you the video for “Polarity Song” by Seventeen Evergreen – directed by Terri Timely.  Probably the finest video we’ve ever been involved with. As premiered today on the world’s best music blog Gorilla vs Bear.

Seventeen Evergreen – Slims

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents in San Francisco
Tuesday, February 15th ::: Night 5, Tixs $5

Glitter Wizard+Seventeen Evergreen+Naked Lights (members of Tristeza)+Group Rhoda+ DJ selections by Darragh (Electric Stew).


Soundtrack Action

Soundtracks are like buses, you wait for ages then two come along at once.

Gotye’s Learnalilgivinanlovin has been included within the film and on the soundtrack of the new Drew Barrymore directorial debut Whip It.  The film stars Ellen (Juno) Page as Bliss, a rebellious Texas teen who throws in her small town beauty pagent crown for the world of roller derby.  It’s received fantastic reviews across the board on its release in the US.  Coming everywhere else soon.  Here’s the trailer.

Additionally, Seventeen Evergreen’s Lunar One has been included within the film and soundtrack of the new Vanessa (High School Musical) Hudgen’s film BandslamHere’s that trailer.