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Christian Rich – Compromise

Very excited to share, Compromise, the incredible new single from Christian Rich which has premiered on i_D.

Taken from their forthcoming FW14 LP (out 21st August – pre-order here), they’ve created a swooning ride of inter-galactic pop featuring the Transatlantic talents of London’s Sinead Hartnett and Secaina Hudson and XXL 2015 Freshman and fellow non-conformist GoldLink. As i-D said It just goes to show that when five stars collide, their musical energy explodes in a supernova of wow”.

Gilligan Moss – Choreograph

Our NYC-based artist/writer/producer Gilligan Moss has just announced the release of his excellent debut Ceremonial EP on new Virgin Records imprint, AMF! Lead track ‘Choreograph’ had it’s first play on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show last night and is now premiering online with DIY, who praise the track’s “haunting blend of choir loops and playful percussion”.

Pre-order the EP here: http://po.st/CeremonialEP and listen below.

Darwin Deez – Kill Your Attitude Video

Double Down, out this Autumn, features Kill Your Attitude, the album’s first single and Radio 1’s recent “Hottest Record In The World.” Inspired by the song’s lyrical theme of “love is war,” the video for Kill Your Attitude, directed by Dent De Cuir, has been turned into an absolutely masterful visual experience, in which Darwin is unknowingly immersed in a first person shooter game arena.  Deez finds himself being hunted down by his better half for all those small things you do in a relationship that start to annoy  – hogging the duvet cover, emptying the fridge and leaving the washing up. To achieve this, the directors constructed a whole new video game world for Darwin to be dropped into, the first time this has been done in a pop video.  Enjoy!

Darwin Deez – Double Down Album

It’s been two years since indie-pop renaissance man and musical DIY-er Darwin Deez released his album Songs For Imaginative People, the follow-up to his highly successful self-titled debut, and today he announces the details of his third record.

Recorded, performed, mixed and mastered entirely by Darwin, Double Down will be released on September 18th. You can pre-order via iTunes here and the CD and Limited Coloured Heavyweight Vinyl here .

“To me, Double Down means to gamble again.  To go again”.  Darwin says. “With this album, my intention was largely to do again what I did on my debut: make simple, irresistible pop songs – with a fresh new twist.  So I went back to my same influences of Thriller, Dismemberment Plan, and Andre 3000 and I came out sounding more like myself than ever before”. 

A vibrant slice of pure pop perfection, Double Down showcases Darwin Deez’s dexterity for experimentation with different sonic textures, genres and lyrical allegories. Double Down is a divine offering from our pop star, shining brightly in a dreary indie landscape, as well as Darwin’s finest record in his rich and varied catalogue to date.


1. Last Cigarette
2. The Mess She Made
3. Lover
4. Time Machine
5. Bag Of Tricks
6. Rated R
7. Melange Mining Co.
8. Kill Your Attitude
9. The Other Side
10. Right When It Rains
11. The Missing I Wanna Do

Darwin Deez_Double Down_RGB

FTSE – Blood On My Hands Video

‘Blood On My Hands’ is the first track taken from FTSE’s anticipated debut album, ‘Joyless’, due for release on August 28th.

The video has been directed by Luke Bather and was inspired by the films Samsara and Baraka and the world of high fashion. ‘Blood On My Hands’ comments on the exploitation behind consumerism and the video aimed to use only ethically made clothing and jewellery. Birdsong London provided jackets made ethically in Malawi, by Khama, as well as Jewellery made by women recovering from addictions and eating disorders via Sweet Cavanagh; and Faiint supplied dresses handmade in the UK.

Darwin Deez – Kill Your Attitude

It’s been two years Darwin Deez released his album Songs For Imaginative People, the follow up to his highly successful self-titled debut, and today the indie-pop renaissance man has shared a new single entitled “Kill Your Attitude”.

A quintessentially Deez-esque tune of pop perfection, “Kill Your Attitude” has just debuted on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World”. This song is a sneak peek into Darwin Deez’s forthcoming third album, the details of which have yet to be announced, but is set for release this Autumn.  Listen below and download from iTunes here.

Kill Your Attitude is a song about interpersonal squabbling” says Darwin Deez of the new track.I love to fight. To argue. I fought a lot with my mother growing up. Consequentially, it doesn’t feel like love to me if there isn’t fighting. But fighting itself is the opposite of love”.

Christian Rich – FW14

Christian Rich have announced their debut album FW14 to be released on August 21st 2015 featuring Vince Staples, JMSN, Goldlink, Sinead Harnett, Niia, and more. In addition they today share album track Fast Life featuring JMSN, which follows the previously shared single High featuring Vince Staples & Bia.

Inspired by their fascination with the future, time travel and the worlds outside our galaxy FW14 is a time stamp for the journey and the start point of exploration. The album’s concept is influenced by Phillip K Dick works ”VALIS Trilogy“, “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale“ and the Christopher Nolan directed Sci-Fi motion picture, Interstellar. There are interludes that sound like a person traveling in space and time. That person is the main character of the album; the female depicted on the cover standing next to an Audi prepared for her expedition. She is also narrating in the interludes, a nod to the classic Midnight Marauders LP. FW14 is the vessel she travels in.

Staying true to their roots they incorporate unique percussion inspired by Nigerian Fugi Music and Brazilian Jazz by Bossa Nova and Marcus Valle. Bossa Nova style chords with high energy drums and string heavy productions create the sonic experience that is FW14. All the songs are interwoven together; an endless record.

Further info, track-listing and pre-order information here.

FTSE – Joyless

FTSE has announced that his debut album ‘JOYLESS’, which features current single ‘Blood On My Hands’, will be released on 28th August 2015. In addition he has also unveiled, via a premiere with Noisey, the album’s title track – a haunting tune, worthy of the biggest cinema screen, backed with deliberate minimal beats, on which he questions with poetic poise We all cry, we all cry, apart from these moments, everything’s joyless. So tell me why we’re joyless?”

FTSE is Midlander Sam Manville’s producer-artist-polemical guise, where he plays everything and even delivers finished masters of the very distinguished and distinguishable results. ‘JOYLESS’ follows a trio of well received EP’s – FTSE I, FTSE II and Love Un Ltd. Combining the vehement thrashes of the music of his youth and his free-flowing social analytics with a more soothing, often ironic, tone from his wife of 5 years, Taz, together with various sonic infusions, he has created a fearlessly bold statement for a debut album: with the frank and informed voice of KLF or PSB’s through a globalised and comfortably chaotic pop sound.

‘JOYLESS’ is Manville’s defeatist manifesto on our over-connected, over-stimulated and over-priced world. It’s defeatist in the sense that it’s the voice of those who feel trapped in a system, but unable to see a way out – but that’s not to say it’s not angry. Really, really angry.

“All the EPs were me as a producer and writer; the album is me as an artist,” he says. “It’s almost going back to the punk roots of what I used to do. That ‘fuck you, here I am, this is my thing, shut up and fucking take it.’” (Sam Manville, FTSE)

Further info, track-listing and pre-order information here.

Oscar – Beautiful Words

Our North West London crooner extraordinaire Oscar has today premiered the titular song from his forthcoming Beautiful Words EP with the NME.

“Beautiful Words” is the perfect track to soundtrack the summer’s beginning in earnest; it’s a big and euphoric shot of fun, showcasing Mr. Scheller’s astounding baritone to full effect. The Beautiful Words EP will be released on June 22nd via Wichita Recordings but you can download the lead track now.

Gilligan Moss – Sia Remix

We are delighted to announce the signing of Gilligan Moss to our growing Publishing arm.

Gilligan is a 23 year old artist/writer/producer who has recently transplanted from his native Chicago to Brooklyn. He has been steadily producing a stream of acerbic electronic pop; the tone of which fits somewhere between the worlds of Caribou and LCD Soundsystem, but with a more urban vocal timbre.

Thus far he has released just two original tracks into the blog ether, alongside critically acclaimed remixes for Glass Animals, Christian Rich and Laura Doggett.

Gilligan will shortly announce his Records signing but, in the meantime, The Line of Best Fit have just premiered his outstanding remix of Sia‘s ‘Big Girls Cry’, which you can listen to below.