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Christian Rich – FW14 Album

Today is release day for FW14 the debut album by Christian Rich and we are very proud to release such a genre-bending album that’s looking to focus on quality, whilst bringing disparate sounds and artists together as a glorious whole. Of course it’s not unusual for a record made in LA to rack up a stack of features, but from legend Steve Arrington, through GoldLink to Denetia & Sene, and the New Faith Apostolic Children’s Choir these all stand out. We imagine this almost like Dilla and Daft Punk in the studio reinventing r’n'b. It’s a future classic. Please buy from you preferred retailer (suggestions: Rough Trade, iTunes) and go forth and spread the good word.

“Nigerian twin producers wield a formless style like a well-rounded portfolio.” The Fader

“Taiwo and Kehinde have honed their beat-conducting mastery down to an eclectic mix of tracks that have hip-hop at their core, but skew to electronic experimentation through complex drum loops, decadent keys, cascading effects and samples that’ll send you down exploratory wormholes of classic music.” Pigeons and Planes

“their space/time travel themed debut is nuanced, wide-raging and deep…calls to mind beat mavericks such as N.E.R.D., Madlib…adding David Axelrod’s cosmic-jazz orchestrals and Marcos Valle’s bossa nova style to…future R&B, woozy electro-funk and psychedelic soul” The Metro 

“pointilistic productions” Pitchfork Best New Music

Christian Rich – Compromise Video

Coming with a proper head of steam of recognition from both creative and commercial corners the debut Christian Rich album ‘FW14’ is released today, and to commemorate the release the duo reveal the video for lead single ‘Compromise’ featuring the vocal talents of Sinead Hartnett, Secaina Hudson and GoldLink.

An intimately choreographed piece filmed in one shot all in camera, it features stunning balletic movements in a downtown LA apartment, enacting the internal tug-of-love the song describes as the lead actress’s lover sleeps. Speaking of the video Christian Rich said Robo came up with a great treatment. It reminded us of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ video…a ‘first thing in the morning video’.”   Premiered with The FADER, you can watch below.

Hinds – Chili Town Video

Is there any doubt that 2015 is already shaping up to be the year of Hinds?

Already the Madrid quartet of Ana Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen have enthralled listeners with their strain of gloriously ramshackle and instantly addictive guitar pop, played sold out shows across UK and Europe and have had publications such as NME and the FADER anointing them one of the best new bands around right now.

Now, following on from their blistering set at Visions Festival last weekend, the band are unveiling the video for their new track “Chili Town” directed by themselves and Alex de Lucas. And if you haven’t already fallen head over heels in love with the band, you certainly will now, filled as it is with all the irrepressible goofiness, inherent sassiness and infectious exuberance that can be witnessed onstage.

Darwin Deez – Time Machine


Indie-pop renaissance man and musical DIY-er Darwin Deez will release his third full-length record entitled Double Down this Autumn, and he has just premiered the album’s catchy-as-hell second single “Time Machine” as Zane Lowe’s “World Record” on Beats 1. To celebrate the release of his new song, Darwin has announced a US tour and also added further shows to his European tour including London’s Islington Assembly Hall on October 27.  Tickets are on sale now for all shows.

Time Machine” is an exciting dance floor-ready tune with the most ridiculous fret-board crawling bassline, but on closer listen tells the tale of a strained friendship. “I don’t like having enemies or being on bad terms with people,” Darwin Deez explains. “But an old friend of mine is keeping me at a distance. I really prefer to talk these kind of things out, but some people just don’t. That’s what inspired the words to “Time Machine” – wanting to hurry up, get past the bitterness and on to the reunion. “

Double Down will be released on September 18th. Recorded, performed, mixed and mastered entirely by Darwin in his 6-floor Williamsburg walk-up, Double Down is a vibrant slice of pure pop perfection, and a beautifully balanced representation of Darwin’s rich and varied catalogue; his finest record to date.

Press here to pre-order a CD or vinyl and here to pre-order the album on iTunes now.

Hinds – Chili Town

Thrilled to announce that we have officially signed Hinds and, not only that, they will be playing our 10th anniversary party this Thursday at Village Underground in Shoreditch.

To celebrate news of this signing, the band are also unveiling a brand new track, “Chili Town”, another perfectly imperfect slice of off-kilter pop. In the band’s own words:

Chili town was born in a friday afternoon.
while drinking sangria we realized that if our songs were battles, we’ll always end up being the injured soldier.
then we were like “fuck it dude, why are we always the weak one in our lyrics??? what’s wrong with us???”
So yeaaaaahhh we made it! we wrote a winner song! …right?

Chili was written exactly in the same place and way we wrote our first song, AND is gonna be released exactly with the same team that took care of it : lucky number music in Europe and mom and pop in the US. You can’t imagine how proud and excited we feel :)  

Hinds will also be playing Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and Deer Shed Festival in Yorkshire this weekend.

23 July – Lucky Number’s 10th Anniversary at Village Underground (SOLD OUT), London
24 July – Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon
25 July – Deer Shed Festival, Topcliffe
8 August – Visions Festival, London

Gilligan Moss – Choreograph Video

Craftily and subtly playing off the title, Gilligan Moss’ video for Choreograph is a mind-blowing marvel of tightly edited precision. Directed by Oscar Hudson, it features a typical domestic scene in the suburbs gone awry, complete with what looks like cleverly looped scenarios, but are in actual fact perfectly choreographed and executed routines using twins and doubles, with no looping done in post-production. It’s yet another clever and intriguing piece of the Gilligan Moss puzzle, one that will be unveiled with the release of the Ceremonial EP later this year.

Oscar – Beautiful Words Video

Oscar’s ace new video for Beautiful Words, as premiered with the The New York Times.

Christian Rich – Compromise

Very excited to share, Compromise, the incredible new single from Christian Rich which has premiered on i_D.

Taken from their forthcoming FW14 LP (out 21st August – pre-order here), they’ve created a swooning ride of inter-galactic pop featuring the Transatlantic talents of London’s Sinead Hartnett and Secaina Hudson and XXL 2015 Freshman and fellow non-conformist GoldLink. As i-D said It just goes to show that when five stars collide, their musical energy explodes in a supernova of wow”.

Gilligan Moss – Choreograph

Our NYC-based artist/writer/producer Gilligan Moss has just announced the release of his excellent debut Ceremonial EP on new Virgin Records imprint, AMF! Lead track ‘Choreograph’ had it’s first play on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show last night and is now premiering online with DIY, who praise the track’s “haunting blend of choir loops and playful percussion”.

Pre-order the EP here: http://po.st/CeremonialEP and listen below.

Darwin Deez – Kill Your Attitude Video

Double Down, out this Autumn, features Kill Your Attitude, the album’s first single and Radio 1’s recent “Hottest Record In The World.” Inspired by the song’s lyrical theme of “love is war,” the video for Kill Your Attitude, directed by Dent De Cuir, has been turned into an absolutely masterful visual experience, in which Darwin is unknowingly immersed in a first person shooter game arena.  Deez finds himself being hunted down by his better half for all those small things you do in a relationship that start to annoy  – hogging the duvet cover, emptying the fridge and leaving the washing up. To achieve this, the directors constructed a whole new video game world for Darwin to be dropped into, the first time this has been done in a pop video.  Enjoy!