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Sebastien Tellier: Broadway

Sebastien Tellier, Parisian musical maestro and performer extraordinaire returns with a brand new version of ‘Broadway’ on February 6th 2006.

Taken from his highly acclaimed album ‘Politics’, ‘Broadway’ is a shout out to good ol’ Private Rico from Robert Heinlein’s 1959 Science Fiction novel, & later the Paul Verhoeven-directed futuristic military thrill ride movie, “Starship Troopers”. The call is for irresistibly primal hero Rico to come save us as outside chaos reigns all around.

Once again Sebastien captures the bittersweet dichotomy of life within his own unique melodic multi-layering, soothing empowerment & vocal assurance that deliver us all safely back into the here & now.

‘Broadway’ follows the massive club, press, & radio praise received by ‘La Ritournelle’- considered by many to be one of singles of 2005 – & once again has been reworked by one-time Kylie collaborator Mr. Dan. The single also comes with new mixes courtesy of Chicken Lips‘ electro-wizardry, & a wonderful electro-pop affirmation, where Moroder meets Morricone, from the son of a Wizzard, Jake Bullit!

Lyrics: Broadway

(The wavering you feel when attracted and disgusted by the same thing; an invitation to Rico, from “Starship Troopers”, to rescue us from this hellish state)

Master Rica
The nicest one should be the one to stay
I could have called you mama
I could have called you obeses land
But I can’t say
Chaos does a loop
And Private Rico
Will save us all some day
I could have called you mama
I could have called you the promised land
But I can’t say
Oh chaos reigns for us today
I feel I’m losing you
A saint is over you
The chaos reigns and does a loop

Words: Tellier Music: Alain Tellier & Sebastien Tellier