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Gotye: Learnalilgivinanlovin

Hot on the heels of debut UK album ‘Like Drawing Blood’ and following a triumphant reception for his unique multi-media ‘one-man-band’ shows in Europe, Gotye returns with ‘Learnalilgivinanlovin‘, perhaps the quintessential summer single.

‘Learnalilgivinanlovin’ exudes a vibrant versatility, like classic Motown produced with Phil Spector’s widescreen sunshine visors on, it’s the most ebullient blend of racing drums, triumphant horns, and the sweetest soul falsetto you’ve never heard, like some lost ‘Northern Soul’ classic.

A huge summer anthem in his adopted Australian home where Gotye worked a series of dead-end jobs whilst working away on his music in his bedroom. Australia’s Radio 1 equivalent Triple J picked up one of the 500 promos Gotye had pressed and sent out himself and started playing it. The Australian press then picked up on it to rave reviews, and Gotye found himself winning the Aussie equivalent of the Mercury Music Award and also a BRIT Award, an ARIA, in 2007.

‘Learnalil’ grooves along on a timeless instrumental with a breezy melody that’s the perfect soundtrack to the hot summer we dream of, whether cruising country backroads, or toughing out the, sometimes, sweltering city heat while kids dance around chasing ice cream vans down the street.

Dare we say, like a ‘Needle In A Haystack’, soul trains like these don’t come along very often, so we suggest you’d better get on board, it’s a special ride!

“If yer always tryin’ to get to the top, you don’t get to the bottom of nothin’!
Then you’re gone before you know it; You’d better stop! (STOP!)
Learn a little givin’ and lovin’
It’s been done before. C’mon, do it again!
Coz if it’s good Then you should share it round
What’s the use of keeping all the good things that you’ve found to yourself?”