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Sebastien Tellier: Roche

Sebastien Tellier, the unique voice of modern French electronic-edged pop, France’s inspired choice as their 2008 Eurovision representative and essential music pioneer will return to UK shores in early 2009 to promote his forthcoming UK single, ‘Kilometer’.

In France, meanwhile, he is about to release album opener ‘Roche’ as the third single from his acclaimed album ‘Sexuality’.  ‘Roche’ is emotional, hypnotic and oozing with sensuality.  With blissfully understated vocals, conveying a barely suppressed passion, Tellier comes on like a modern day Serge Gainsbourg.

Remixes from discerning compatriots Kavinsky and Breakbot ensure the EP had to be made available in the UK whilst ‘Kilometer’ is primed for release.

Kavinsky’s mix, his first new material post Grand Theft Auto IV, adds Dario Argento and John Carpenter vibes that accentuate the melancholic feel of the original.  Breakbot immediately turns away from the dark side and adds beats, breaks and adorable guitar riffs reminicent of the best 80s pop tunes from a John Hughes soundtrack.

All in all, we think you’d be hard pushed to find a more impressive pair of remixes released throughout the year and that’s the beauty of Sebastien Tellier – on top of his game whether it’s his own work or other artist’s interpretations.

The EP will be available as a HIGHLY limited, ten inch vinyl and digital download.