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Little Comets: One Night In October

Deep in mid-winter, both seasonally & economically, it’s the most satisfying thing to unveil a band so positive in their outlook & sound that they’re likely to turn the indie genre known predominantly for it’s moodiness unashamedly ‘up’ side!

Little Comets craft music to counter-act the chill factor of their Newcastle-upon-Tyne rehearsal facilities. Maybe it’s because the band are originally drawn from 2 brothers of strong academic bent that Robbie, Mark, Mickey, & Matt collectively refer to themselves as “an entirely four-sided shape”. It is indicative of their gang-like mentality, echoing the boisterous exuberance of ‘I Should Coco’-era Supergrass, coupled with a lyrical adventure more reminiscent of a by-gone era that thrust such things as XTC into the mainstream!

Significant blog, ‘Neon Gold’, described them as ‘bursting at the seams with fresh-faced vitality’, which, indeed, they are, but to contrast with the band’s warm grooves, brother Robbie writes lyrics representing the more broken parts of life, exploding scenes from kitchen sinks & other testing relationship dramas.  Debut single ‘One Night In October’ describes one such, “with more invective than the average detective, she questions me on the lawn  – windows ajar, tonight I will sleep in my car!” It’s not a surprise when the band suggest they are influenced by writers such as Jonathan Safran Foer, Seamus Heaney & Roald Dahl, rather than any clichéd rock heroes!

To complement, brother Mickey is the committed sonic scientist, & urges the band to create simultaneously epic & flowing soundtracks of energy & emotion.  The blend is touched by surges of Morricone as much as moments of improvised rhythms sourced from kettles, sofas & all manner of peculiar percussion, usually assembled hanging from the roof of venues when they perform, in order to grab that moment that matters. This band are truly moving, and grooving at the same time, and B-side, ‘Her Black Eyes’, illustrates such subtlety, making sweet melody of menacing subject matter whilst exhibiting their unique outdoor vocal recording style!

Talking of the outdoors, Little Comets have largely steered clear of the typical indie ‘toilet’ circuit, preferring the more intimate & spontaneous birthday parties, trams, trains, shopping centres & lecture theatres that themselves & their growing legion of fans frequent. Fans have been able to contribute not only to the personal atmosphere of the venues, but also to video posts & scheduling organic ‘happenings.’ This guerrilla activity has not gone unnoticed & the band have been courted by Radio 1′s most innovative dj’s, including Huw Stephens & Zane Lowe.  Of course, the band’s demos have drawn major record label interest. For now, they are more than happy alongside eclectic experimentalists like Tellier, Gotye & Keith, aboard Lucky Number’s free-sailing ship!

Fear not..the future is bright, the future is full of Little Comets!