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Sebastien Tellier: Kilometer

Sebastien Tellier, king of French electro pop, France’s inspired choice as their 2008 Eurovision representative and the undisputed coolest man in music returns with ‘Kilometer‘ the third single to be released from his acclaimed album ‘Sexuality’.

Tellier himself always has a strong conceptual view of his creations and, of ‘Kilometer’ he says, With this song, you should try and think of Justin Timberlake, but from Berlin instead – a mix of American sensuality and cold Teutonic precision. It’s my vision of German love: the motorway which runs for miles. 

Accompanying the autobahn amorosity of the original, there is a who’s-who of the hottest A-list remixers. Aeroplane, who recently delivered sterling remixes for Grace Jones and Friendly Fires and who have been setting blog-world alight, have added their unique ’Italo 84′ vibes with heavy nods to disco legends Cerrone, Magic Fly and Studio 54′s general aura to startling effect. A-trak, youngest ever winner of the ‘DMC World DJ Championship’ at 15, famed Kanye West tour DJ, and head honcho at ‘Fools Gold’ Records, keeps the bassline throbbing in his electro-funk stomp, adding soaring strings to candy-coat the synth-tasm of the original.  Busy P, on his ‘Cool Cats’ blog, has called it “already the best remix of the year.” Other remixes also come from Moulinex and Donovan who offer more jagged & classically electronic r’n'b edges.

As represents a true artist, the video, directed by Francois and Jonas, who recently provided features for Madonna and Timberlake, Kanye West and Justice, is as eagerly anticipated as the audio. Tightrope-walking class & crass with finesse, as ever, the promo is as entertaining as we’ve come to expect from our favourite French lothario.   What’s more, exposes have started to appear alongside other ‘Sexuality’ classics, with Fleur & Manu’s surrealist ‘Roche’ accompaniment, and a Roman Coppola-directed shoot, ‘at home with Sebastien,’ to set-off the album’s most sensitive mood-setting classic, ‘L’Amour Et La Violence.’

As for the immediate future and keeping it surreal as ever, Tellier will be collaborating with another hirsute legend, the Egyptian-born Greek singer, Demis Roussos. The mind can only boggle.