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Gotye: Learnalilgivinanlovin Passion Pit Mix

Passion Pit remix of Gotye’s classic Learnalilgivinanlovin. Availiable via Lucky Number as a one-track download. Availaible also an extremely limited 7″ single via Neon Gold. There’s a nice story behind this release (we think) see below. Re the remix – well obviously Gotye + Passion Pit = Pop Genius squared!

Three or Four years ago a young US student called Derek from Washington set up one of the earliest quality music blogs called Good Weather For Airstrikes – we loved it, and he wrote very nice things about a couple of our releases and we kept in touch. Derek came to the UK to intern for a well known music industry lawyer and XL records and we got to know him a little bit better. A year later, he then came to the UK for a semester as part of his US course and in his spare time he came to work at Lucky Number. He’s still in college in New York but world music industry domination is surely just a matter of time. He now runs the quite brilliant NYC based indie label Neon Gold along with his business partner Lizzy – another ridiculously young music business entrepreneur. Neon Gold’s first ever release was the debut single by the now internationally famous Passion Pit – that was one year ago, September 08. Neon Gold’s lucky Seven(th) release is Gotye and Passion Pit

Here’s the release info from Neon Gold:

As previously professed, Gotye is one of our favorite artists of all time and one of the reasons we’re even messing about in this whole music biz thing in the first place. Thus, we’re deeply honored to be releasing a very special, very limited edition 7″ run of his smash hit “Learnalilgivinanlovin” that will step out as his first ever physical release in the US. The track’s already been released in other territories but still has nowhere near the exposure it deserves, so sweetening the deal for our international customers is a brilliant remix from Passion Pit, whose debut 7″ single “Sleepyhead”/”Better Things” was the first record ever to brandish the Neon Gold logo on its sleeve. And like our first ever release, this record also features gorgeous artwork from the brilliant FRAUGRAU, Germany’s best kept secret when it comes to stunningly unique design work.

“Learnalilgivinanlovin” exudes a vibrant versatility and comes together like a classic Motown hit produced with Phil Spector’s widescreen sunshine visors on, an ebullient blend of racing drums, triumphant horns, and the sweetest soul falsetto you’ve never heard. A huge summer anthem in his adopted home of Australia, it grooves along on a timeless instrumental with a breezy melody that’s the perfect soundtrack to the classic urban summer we’ve been dreaming of, where kids while away hot afternoons chasing the ice cream truck down the street and dancing around in the cool relief of fire hydrant showers. It’s not too late to give up hope on that elusive summer dream, and you can preorder the single from the Neon Gold Shop or Puregroove. Limited to only 300 copies worldwide, act now before it’s too late