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Little Red: It's Alright / Coca Cola

While the hedonistic youngsters of Sydney have been busy partying and producing waves of electronica & dance duos; the more laid back youth of Melbourne have been out riding the waves and developing their own unique brand of rock and roll and channeling the sounds of 50’s Pop Americana. One group in particular has captured the region’s imaginations, spearheading a new movement’s assault on the nation……

‘It’s Alright / Coca-Cola’ is the debut AA single from Australian five piece ‘Little Red’. The record sounds instantly familiar yet all together novel and invigorating, providing a contemporary twist on a host of influences from yester-year. With three alternating lead singers, it’s easy to see how they manage to create a staggering range of doo-wop style 4-part harmonies to back up their sultry rock & roll. Their sharp style floats effortlessly between rock, rhythm & blues, garage and soul. But while vintage sounding, it constantly surprises and never veers into Pastiche Boulevard.

The band took their name from Willie Dixon’s ‘Little Red Rooster’; a song which is rated right up there with Ike Turner’s ‘Rocket 88’ as one of the songs that helped shape rock & roll. With this kind of in-depth knowledge it’s no wonder that they cite as their musical luminaries artists such as Sam Cook, Skip James, The Beach Boys and The Kinks right through to Radiohead and Nick Cave.

Their meteoric rise to prominence started a little over a year ago after appearing on Melbourne’s DIY music scene. Seeing them tour with Vampire Weekend and winning the 2008 ‘Garage To V Festival’ competition, they have quickly shot straight to the top of festival bills across the country this summer to become Australia’s top live draw. Their take on the original rock ‘n’ roll dream has already begun to spawn a host of imitators in their home town, proffering them as, without doubt, the city’s most exciting act.

Listening to the languid, carefree soul of ‘It’s Alright’ and the effervescent, supremely confident strut of ‘Coca-Cola’, you’re reminded of all the good things in life! As you dance like no one’s watching, and sing with your best bathroom gurgle in an attempt to recreate the essential quality that is Little Red, one thing’s for sure, it’s hard not to smile!

Little Red are: Adrian Beltrame (Guitar, Vocals), Dominic Byrne (Vocals, Guitar), Quang Dinh (Vocals, Bass), Taka Honda (Drums), Tom Hartney (Vocals, Percussion).

For extra hipness, added authenticity, and in the best interests of world peace, the single will be released on limited seven inch vinyl and digital download on both Lucky Number and boutique NYC indie, Neon Gold, in a joint cross-atlantic UK/US special-relationship style!