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Sebastien Tellier: Sexuality Remix

For the first time all of Sebastien Tellier’s stunning remixes from the ‘Sexuality’ album are released in one set, and it’s hard to beat!

First up we have Tellier’s near-namesake, SebastiAn, contributing a sensually smooth remake of Sexual Sportswear to illicit disco fever.

For the autobahn amorosity of the ‘Kilometer’, there is a who’s-who of the hottest A-list remixers. Aeroplane, have added their ’Italo 84′ vibes that somehow wraps disco legends Cerrone, Magic Fly and Studio 54′s general aura around their little fingers! A-trak, the youngest ever winner of the ‘DMC World DJ Championship’ at 15, famed Kanye West tour DJ, and head honcho at ‘Fools Gold’ records, keeps the bassline throbbing in his electro-funk stomp, adding soaring strings to candy-coat the synth-tasm of the original.  Busy P, on his ‘Cool Cats’ blog, called it ” the best remix of the year.” Further remixes of ‘Kilometer’ also come from Moulinex, offering more jagged & classically electronic r’n'b edges and Arpanet.

Kavinsky’s mix of the album opener ‘Roche’ adds Dario Argento and John Carpenter vibes that accentuate the melancholic feel of the original.  Breakbot immediately turns away from the dark side and adds beats, breaks and adorable guitar riffs reminiscent of the best 80s pop tunes from a John Hughes soundtrack.

23 yr old Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, a neuroscientist by day, continues to stretch sound in his unique post-dubstep modern classical style. Already acclaimed by cutting edge DJ’s from Radio 1,1Xtra and Rinse FM his recent releases via the Eglo, Planet Mu and R2 labels have all been essential purchases.  For his breathtaking and beautiful mix of ‘L’amour Et La Violence’ Floating Points fuses waves of analogue synths, simmering sub bass and Tellier’s intimate vocals for the ultimate textural cocktail of a dance music experience.  It is very special indeed and adds further to the growing acclaim for his work.

‘Divine’ in its original form is a supremely uplifting slice of electro funk with beach boy-esque harmonies and included here are killer remixes from Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts and France’s latest exciting electronic producer/artist Danger.

Native New Yorker Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, completely reworks  rather than remixes Tellier’s neo-romantic Kubrickian fantasy ‘Fingers Of Steel’.   Assimilating a perfect brew of down-town funk hybrids his unique re-imagining features Penguin Prison himself on lead vocals, crooning a blue-eyed cover, whilst Tellier steps up solely to sing his own BV’s on the chorus. It’s a swirl of space-funk with added pop appeal, a Talking Heads-Tom Tom Club mélange of the highest funk factor.

Nestled between and alongside these remixes are other very special interpretations from Hypnolove, Boys Noize, Kasper Winding, Donovan and Lazy Flow.

All in all, we think you’d be hard pushed to see a more impressive album of companion remixes………..ever.