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Caged Animals: Girls On Medication (Remixes)

Cruising on a smoky flute sample, a twinkle of vintage Casio, and a hypnotic guitar that recalls the best of The Cure, Brooklyn’s Teenage Desert have significantly upped the UV-factor of the first UK offering from Caged Animals, “Girls On Medication.”

Teenage Desert’s main-man Z. Cole Smith, a long time friend of the Caged crew, was actually the person who introduced Lucky Number to the band, via their limited 2010 cassette release, and was an original member of Caged Animal Vincent Cacchione’s alter-ego, Soft Black. He’s also known internationally for his relentless onstage energy and much-loved dreamy guitar drama as a member of both Darwin Deez’s and Beach Fossils’s touring ensemble. We’re delighted he has found time between recording his debut album and his duties on electric guitar in Beach Fossils to turn in this somehow upbeat, sun-baked, and psychedelic remix.

Will Horrocks and Simon Williams, better known as LV, are longtime-members of the exclusive Hyperdub family, who released their first public offerings in 2009. Since that time, LV have furthered their credentials, finding time to deliver ammunition for several cutting-edge labels, including Hemlock Audio, co-owned by bass stalwarts Ramadanman and Untold (and also home to James Blake’s debut release), and Keysound, label of respected DJ/journalist/artist, Martin Clark aka Blackdown, who have recently released LV’s debut album of textural breakbeat adventures featuring the musically and mentally sensitive spoken tones of Hackney-resident Joshua Idehen. They have continued to show a rare finesse amongst the bass-genres for weaving warmth between lead vocal narrative and bass technicality.

LV’s mix of ‘Girls’ spotlights the darker tones of Caged Animals’ muse, emphasising the artist’s mind-bending lyrical provocation. Minimal, but always dynamic, it proceeds from a nearly acappella start to buzz with a swirl of emotive sounds, from deep strings, white noise, and analogue pitch-bends, sometimes reminiscent of an accordion, to beautiful brushstrokes of percussion, all propelled by a strong bottom-ended heartbeat.

Two magnificent mixes to further our Caged Animals’ split-identity; it’s no wonder that the initial response to this music has been fantastic, including early tastemakers such as YVYNL and Abeano.

The future looks simultaneously dark, bright, and panoramic in the increasingly compelling vision of Caged Animals’ musical compendium.