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Seventeen Evergreen: Psyentist EP

Seventeen Evergreen are San Francisco based cognitive computers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans.  A unique proposition, the band explore themes that it’s safe to say are truly their own. Their debut 2007 album “Life Embarrasses Me on Planet Earth” expressed an Eno-esque nostalgia for the future, and a message of escapist optimism amidst technological and financial meltdown, and a disappointment in humanity near and far.

After a near five year hiatus, the debut indication of sonic from their forthcoming sophomore long player, “Steady On, Scientist!”, rides in emphatically on crunked beats and a roar of electronica. A pataphysical cousin of the album, the four track “Psyentist” EP is a celebration of the science of imaginary solutions – where imagination becomes a real panacea…beyond economics and academia.

Polarity Song” is precision-filled pop juice, but overflowing with sharp and stirring lyricisms and epic anthemic choruses. Organic textures poke through subtly harmonised layers of electronic melodies that permeate all manner of plasticity within the band’s sound. “Embrace the polarity of life“, the chorus rings out. “Engage the mystery of why, and all the love and life we live“. These words somehow offer a simple, coherent message. But of course, with Seventeen Evergreen, that’s only half the story. An accompanying Terri Timely video of woollen terrorist warfare amidst everyday thrift shop mundanity again steps way outside our normal world into the Evergreen galaxy.

As mentioned Seventeen Evergreen is a dual-headed beast, with Nephi Evans handling vocal duties on the ultra-groovy “Angels”. “Angles” reverberates with beautiful harp strums juxtaposing against anguished layers of backing harmonies that act like a synaesthestic audio phenomenon relative to Edward Munch’s ‘Scream.’ “Psychlone” is a percussive-psychedelic jam that balances space, density, sitars, and hyper-narcotic imagination in equivalent measures whereas, a beat from UK producer Bless Beats over first album gem, “Haven’t Been Yourself” conjures up visions of future scientific lounging.

Playing frequently alongside acts like Tame Impala and Little Dragon, Seventeen Evergreen have become the sonic pop experimentalists support act of choice. They’ve got out of the lab to celebrate, now it’s up to you, come on live the noise!