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Friends: Mind Control

After blazing out of Bushwick in 2011 with the two buzz-worthy singles, “I’m His Girl” and “Friend Crush”, a reputation for turning live gigs into spontaneous DIY parties (and vice versa), and a bio built to withstand the most cynical indie-blog cred-vetting – Brooklyn’s Friends will release their new single Mind Control on May 28th.

Produced by the band and Mixed by Paul Epworth, it sums up the seditious streak of forthcoming album Manifest! The musical choices are brazen even by Friends’ standards: superfly bass, slinky synth, crybaby wah, bongo solo, group chants.  Lyrically, it also might be the Friends manifesto, were it not for the strong possibility that Ms. Urbani is taking the piss.

“I don’t want to rule or be ruled/I just want the right to be cool/However I chose to do what I do/Wherever I choose to be or with whom/Hey, I don’t need your money, I can grown my own food/I don’t need your beauty standard, I can be my own dude.”