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Reptar: Body Faucet

“Bouncing synth pop (that) recalls the gleaming, anthemic vibrancy of early MGMT, the galactic qualities of Empire of the Sun and the playful oddities of Animal Collective…it’s all pretty impressive ” The Fly

“The runaway success of SXSW…strip away the bullshit…and you’ll find a four piece who’ve stumbled across some total dance pop gems ” NME

Reptar announced today that their debut full-length album, Body Faucet, will be released July 2nd on Lucky Number.  Produced by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Bombay Bicycle Club), Body Faucet is the follow up to the group’s heralded debut EP Oblangle Fizz Y’all, which The Sunday Times praised as, “thrillingly good, off-kilter art pop”

Building on the infectious dance-driven melodies established by the band on Oblangle Fizz Y’allBody Faucet finds the band delving deeper into world-music influences to compliment their unique blend of danceable and electro infused pop.

Opener and forthcoming single “Sebastian”, arrives on a cloud of floating synths before exploding into a full bodied afro-pop anthem, finding confidence and power in its lyrics about not fitting into the hetero-norm projected by society along the way. “Houseboat Babies” is glorious, sun-strafed pop, seemingly designed to be chanted at full volume at Summer festivals. “Ghost Bike” offers more reflection, with Ulicny singing, “hold me closer…please don’t let me go” over shimmering guitars and sighing keys, whilst “Three Shining Suns” is a lush yet sparse, broken hearted ballad; music for the morning after the night before. Over the course of 12 tracks, the band’s penchant for combining wit and articulation with a vibrant range of contrasting and often surprising musical directions coalesces into an astonishingly unique and cohesive peek into Reptar’s slanted and enchanted world.

Reptar are Graham Ulicny (Vocals, Guitar), William Kennedy (Keys), Ryan Engelberger (Bass) and Andrew McFarland (Drums) and have been likened to The Talking Heads, Animal Collective, Prince, and The Jackson 5.