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Caged Animals: Cindy+Me

Caged Animals charmed critics on both sides of the Atlantic with the swoon-some pop of debut album ‘Eat Their Own’ – receiving accolades from the likes of The Guardian, Nylon and NME. Following last year’s ‘This Summer’ EP, the prodigiously talented Cacchione has offered the first taste of his second album in ‘Cindy + Me’. Written and produced by Vin in his home studio, it’s an immediate step forward: a modern day “Bonnie & Clyde,” with intricate electronics, a low-slung groove, and Caged Animals’ effortless way with a pop melody suggesting an affinity with the likes of Tom Tom Club.

In the writer’s own words:

“’Cindy + Me’ is my attempt at capturing some sinister version of the adolescent dream.  It’s an outlaw love song, based around a sample from synthesizer-pioneer Raymond Scott’s “Cindy Electronium.”


In the song, I’m a crazed teenager in love, running away from home with the girl and some twisted view of the future.  We’ve got her father tied up in the house, a smoldering corpse, we’ve got the cash, “We’re living on top of the world,” and we’re going to get away with it.”

On the flip-side is ‘Blood $$$’ a weird continuation of the ‘Cindy+Me’ story.  On this track, our characters have made their way out of the country, living on the lamb on a tropical island with all this blood on their hands.  By the end, karma catches up, but they’re together and that’s the most important thing.

Further strengthening the romantic vision that seeds through all of Caged Animals’ musical imaginings ‘Cindy+Me’ is the first single from the forthcoming sophomore album.