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Friends: The Way

“Recognize beauty and ugliness is born. / Recognize well and evil is born. / Is and Isn’t produce each other. / Hard depends on easy. / Long is tested by short. / High is determined by low. / Sound is harmonized by voice, / After is followed by before. / Therefore the Sage is devoted to non-action, / Moves without teaching, / Creates ten thousand things without instruction, / Lives but does not own, / Acts but does not presume, / Accomplishes without taking credit. / When no credit is taken, / Accomplishment endures.”

Extract from Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

translated by Stephen Addiss and Stanley Lombardo.

……and so comes, ‘The Way’, from the now super-distilled 3-piece Friends. Recorded in NYC, June 2013, with a helping hand from Devonté Hynes and Joey Postiglione, ‘The Way’ is the band’s first new recorded music aired since the release of their debut album ‘Manifest!’ in June 2012.

‘The Way’ Lyrics

Another night is another dream is another day?is another choice between the 10,000 or the way.

You know light shines right through that fearful wall you put in front of me?.
You know both sides are just the same too full if not empty?.

When beauty has been named as all you want to be.

Ugliness is born and it’s in all that you see?. You’re gonna break if you stand so rigidly?.

Your greatest path to strength is that of fluidity?.

You tried to give away your love but they didn’t want it so they didn’t get it?so you hardened up your heart as if toughness is what would give it (power).

If you try to give away your love and they didn’t want it they just didn’t get it.

Now if I even touched your heart I think it would start to break in a minute? – shatter!

So be wise and recognize when tides arise and flow?.

Or you’ll sink like a stone filled with the weight of “no no no no no”..

I wanna see you as all, as a sage-?I wanna call to you when you have no name.


I want a supple love ooooo…

Be like water love flowwww?.

I see you as a sage, what’s above and below

Don’t shatter