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Get Hot is the brand new collaborative project between established electronic producers, FTSE and Jakwob.

After meeting each other 6 weeks ago to try concocting beats, they birthed something much more ballistic than they could have expected. Connecting instantly, like perfect circuitry, the two discovered they shared a punk love, as well as masses of mutual friends, from when they were both playing in hardcore bands whilst in the Leicester area: FTSE lives there, Jakwob spent college days there. ¬†They’d even shared stages on the same bills, but their paths had never crossed until they got together to write with computers. Within an hour of meeting they were in Jakwob’s live room, feeding keyboards through amps like guitars, Jakwob letting loose behind the kit, and FTSE screaming his heart out. The results a fully-charged love letter to their lineage.

Debuting their live show at two packed out ‘word of mouth’ gigs at The Great Escape, the excitement also evidenced plenty more tunes where ‘Party’ comes from. Get Hot will be announcing more dates soon.