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(Sandy) Alex G: Trick

We are thrilled to announce TRICK the latest album to be physically released by the Philadelphia-based songwriter Alex Giannascoli, more commonly known as Alex G. Trick follows on the acclaimed heels of the November 2014 international release of Alex’s fifth album, DSU. Recorded prior to DSU and previously only available via Alex’s Bandcamp account, the tracks have now been professionally mastered and are being made commercially available for the very first time.

Trick is due out on 6 April worldwide, in all formats.

In their extensive profile, The FADER, wrote that Alex G is “the type of artist to make a person go all Garden State”, as anyone who attended Alex’s sold out London show last November would have witnessed.  An enrapt audience hushedly singing along word-by-word to album track ‘Change’ was one of many magical moments. Alex himself acknowledges that this song, like much of his repertoire, “resonates with a lot of people, probably because the lyrics deal with growing away from people you love […] something that everyone experiences.” 

Trick features many of the fan favourites that Alex has been playing at shows recently, including the infectious off-kilter anthem ‘Forever’, the dreamy and surreal ‘Animals’ and the aforementioned, charmingly lo-fi ‘Change’. Trick is soaked in the distinctive personality that is Alex G; the professionally mastered versions of these tracks affirming that underneath all the unconventional guitar lines and scrawls of fuzz, Alex has a serious knack for melodic songwriting.

In addition, we are also thrilled to be releasing Rules, Alex’s third album. Written and recorded just a few months before Trick, they both harbour a similar charm that makes it feel right for them to be released together.

Both Trick and Rules continue to showcase a prodigious song-writing talent, reaffirming that Alex G is one of the most promising and prolific American musicians today.

The new name to drop in alt-rock circles” The Guardian
“The Internet’s Secret Best Songwriter” FADER
“Everyone who comes into contact with him seems to fall in love” The 405