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Mellah: Liminality EP

Mellah is the alias of Peckham musician and producer Liam Ramsden. His debut EP Liminality is released May 12th. Produced in Mellah’s studio by Liam and Oli Barton-Wood, Liminality is the raw and organic first release from one of South London’s most engaging new voices.

The songs on Liminality detail Liam’s interactions and observations growing up in a city that changes beyond recognition as each year passes.  An impassioned storyteller, Liam was inspired to write atmospheric EP opener ‘Round’ following a meeting with a former soldier in the British Army. ‘Round’ hints at the complexities of the human psyche while encapsulating the dark heart of Mellah’s song-craft.

Of the track, Liam says: “The song is an attack on the entrenchment of war in the everyday, considering how a person can be broken down and rebuilt to fervently believe murder is not murder if it’s institutionalised.”

An integral part of Peckham’s music scene, Liam has performed in bands since the age of 12. Starting out on the drums, he got his first guitar aged 16 and began crafting his own songs. His skills extend beyond his musical talents… and he has worked for a number of years on film sets. The carpentry skills this job taught him has seen him build three studios in Print Studios, including the studio where Liminality was recorded, as well as the Peckham venue The Nines.

Despite being a relatively new project, Mellah’s song ‘Old Friend’ (the closing track on Liminality) has already featured on the latest season of Charlie Brooker’s acclaimed series Black Mirror.

The songs of the Liminality EP, whilst written, produced and performed entirely by Liam playing all of the instruments, are brought to life by a collection of musicians when performed live.