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Darwin Deez: Time Machine

Indie-pop renaissance man and musical DIY-er Darwin Deez will release his third full-length record entitled Double Down this Autumn, and he has premiered the album’s catchy-as-hell second single “Time Machine” as Zane Lowe’s “World Record” on Beats 1.

Time Machine” is an exciting dance floor-ready tune with the most ridiculous fret-board crawling bassline, but on closer listen tells the tale of a strained friendship. “I don’t like having enemies or being on bad terms with people,” Darwin Deez explains. “But an old friend of mine is keeping me at a distance. I really prefer to talk these kind of things out, but some people just don’t. That’s what inspired the words to “Time Machine” – wanting to hurry up, get past the bitterness and on to the reunion. “

It’s been two years since Darwin Deez released his second album Songs For Imaginative People, the follow-up to his highly successful eponymous debut. This forthcoming record Double Down will be released on September 18th. Recorded, performed, mixed and mastered entirely by Darwin in his 6-floor Williamsburg walk-up, Double Down is a vibrant slice of pure pop perfection, and a beautifully balanced representation of Darwin’s rich and varied catalogue; his finest record to date.